Greek election news triggered risk aversion…The Inside Track

A hugely volatile conclusion to the week as Greek election news triggered risk aversion and consequent bids for both the USD and JPY » Read more

Volatility & casualties in hedge fund & retail broker industries…The Inside Track

Last week’s decision by the Swiss National Bank (SNB) to drop its support of EUR/CHF at 1.20 resulted in huge volatility and casualties in the hedge fund and retail... » Read more

US economic recovery continues…The Inside Track

The US economic recovery continues as the labour market report eclipsed market expectations, but the USD largely lost ground with the exception of EUR/USD. » Read more

The Inside Track – 5th January 2015

Although the AUD is showing signs of basing in the crosses, the AUD/USD pair still looks vulnerable as a result of the market’s apparent insatiable appetite for the USD.... » Read more

The Inside Track – 22nd December 2014

Not a huge amount of price action through the weekend, however some stability was evident in commodity markets, which may in turn provide some support to the AUD in sessions... » Read more

The Inside Track – 15th December 2014

This week we are particularly interested in US inflation on Wednesday night; the market is currently expecting a headline number (-0.1%) and a core number (0.1%). » Read more

The Inside Track – 8th December 2014

As talk of RBA rate cuts gathers pace the AUD is trading on the back foot across the board. » Read more

The Inside Track – 1st December 2014

The USD remained immune to indifferent economic data and a challenge to shale oil expansion from OPEC oversupply and subsequent oil price collapse. Near record USD long positions will... » Read more

The Inside Track – 24th November 2014

AUD taking some benefit from a surprise PBOC interest rate cut, but the impact on the overall Chinese economy is expected to be muted. » Read more

The Inside Track – 17th November 2014

The AUD mounted a strong recovery last week highlighting the importance of monitoring market positioning and applying a pragmatic take on the headline grabbers! » Read more