All eyes on the Federal Reserve…

This week all eyes will be on the Federal Reserve with a 25bps hike in the Fed Funds rate fully priced in, it will be the accompanying statement that... » Read more

The RBA leaves interest rates on hold at 1.50%

As widely expected the RBA left interest rates on hold at 1.50% today, the decision was accompanied by a very balanced statement that is likely consistent with monetary policy... » Read more

Italy votes “No” in the referendum…

Italy votes “No” in the referendum on constitutional reform and Premier Renzi offers his resignation to the President.  The Euro is on the backfoot in early trade as the “no”... » Read more

USD rally pauses, but is it over?

The USD index was contained by the key Fibonacci retracement of the 2002 – 2008 sell off, it would not be untoward for the USD rally to stall for... » Read more

With increased volatility on the way in 2017…

Be prepared, or be prepared to fail! The return of volatility in 2017 is now a key issue for treasurers and boards across the globe. With the exception of Brexit... » Read more

In 2017 the markets will face Trump, Brexit…

US treasury yields continued their ascent last week resulting in another leg higher for the Greenback as the market prepares itself for the normalisation of US interest rates in... » Read more

Trump awakens the sleeping giant!

The Trump election has potentially awoken a sleeping giant, namely inflation. An aggressive bond sell off commenced last week, increasing yields and driving currency flows towards the USD. Donald... » Read more

The Dust Settles…

Donald Trump’s victory speech showed enough humility and balance to appease financial markets, with losses in equities and the Greenback reversed The market is currently perceiving Trump’s policies... » Read more

US Election – Trump Almost Certain to Win

The resurgence of far right politics across the Western World struck another blow today with the likely election of Donald J Trump as the 45th President of the United... » Read more

Clinton email scandal; risk and the Greenback rally…

This week is likely to be dominated by the US election with swing states such as Florida (29) and Pennsylvania (20), with relative large electoral votes likely to be... » Read more