CPI unlikely to be enough to move the FED…

We continue to expect increasing volatility in all markets over the coming weeks, we don’t anticipate that the Federal Reserve will hike this week, but they may well give... » Read more

Fed tightening rhetoric drives aggressive market repositioning

In last week’s inside track we presented our concern regarding the disconnect in market expectations on US monetary policy and the rhetoric coming from the Federal Reserve itself. Friday’s capitulation... » Read more

Empowering Strategic Decision Making through Financial Risk Modelling

While it is common for businesses to maintain regular cash flow forecasting procedures, the natural extension of applying risk analytics in a comprehensive, consistent format is an often under... » Read more

As widely expected the RBA have left interest rates on hold at 1.50%…

As widely expected the RBA have left interest rates on hold at 1.50%, the Australian Dollar is muted in response following a 40 point rally in this morning’s session,... » Read more

Non-Farm Payrolls Disappoint – but the USD holds up O.K

This week’s local data highlight will be tomorrow’s RBA announcement, we don’t expect any movements on interest rates, however the market will be looking for any attempted jawboning related... » Read more

Yellen triggers a recovery in the Greenback

The weekend’s Jackson Hole symposium resulted in a USD short squeeze as Janet Yellen’s comments suggested that an interest rate hike in 2016 remains on the table, and may... » Read more

AUD broadly took a step back through late trading last week…

The AUD broadly took a step back through late trading last week testing recent lows against the NZD and EUR. There is no significant data from Australia this week, and... » Read more

The AUD Ascent Slows

The AUD rallied initially on weak US data on Friday evening, however was sold off on risk aversion in late trade, opening this morning almost 100 points off the... » Read more

Friday’s US employment report was encouraging…

We still are relatively bullish the USD over the medium term, on the proviso that Donald Trump is kept out of the White House. Friday’s US employment report was encouraging... » Read more

The RBA Have Cut Interest Rates By 0.25% To 1.50%…

The RBA have cut interest rates by 0.25% to 1.50%. The AUD is marginally lower in response at 0.7511. Full Statement  At its meeting today, the Board decided to lower the... » Read more