• Rochford is a respected and trusted treasury risk advisory firm, with decades of experience managing over $20 billion financial transactions annually.


We provide clients with information, analysis and solutions, so they have a 360 degree awareness of financial market risk on their business.

As trusted advisors we proactively manage our client’s risk exposure; forecasting and navigating market volatility with strategic insight.

We also develop and optimise in-house treasury functions, and bring value to every treasury situation.

Our expertise includes:

Best Practice Fundamentals

  • Cash Balance Reporting
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Cash & Liquidity Management
  • Market Risk Management (Currencies, Interest rates, Commodities)
  • Financial Risk modelling


  • Hedging Strategy & Structuring
  • Global Transactional Banking
  • Funding & Working Capitol
  • Treasury Policy & Governance
  • Financial Market Transactions
  • Treasury Due Diligence

Ongoing Support

  • Managed services
  • Hedge Accounting & Valuations

Meet our Managing Director, Thomas Averill


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