Market News

Something’s Gotta Give

Market Update: 28 May 2020 Friends, we are at an inflection point.. AUD, DXY, JPY, CHF all want direction. AUD is just short of the 200 DMA (Day Moving Average),... » Read more

Everyday I love you less and less

Market Update: 25 May 2020 As expected, China's National Party Congress took greater measures against Hong Kong that commentators believe will reduce their independence - and with that, the US... » Read more

High Steaks Battle

Market Update: 22 May 2020 China National Party Congress today and Australia is waiting in anticipation to see what infrastructure may be announced - but they mightn't be invited to... » Read more

If you leave me, can I come too?

Market Update: 20 May 2020 An interesting start to the week as China gives into the World Health Authority by agreeing on an investigation (after the pandemic), but then goes... » Read more

A fortnight to save the world

Market Update: 18 May 2020 Similar to the gameplay for collaborating to save the world in our fight against the environment, the statistics show yes, we are winning the battle... » Read more

Don’t look back in anger

Market Update: 15 May 2020 As we round off the week, the highlights include Fed Reserve telling us to be more patient on recovery (as does Dr Fauci), US initial... » Read more

The Doctor vs the Farmer

Market Update: 13 May 2020 Normally neither would be able to move the markets, but the US equivalent of our Chief Medical Officer Dr Anthony Fauci managed to bring AUD... » Read more

A tale of 2 streets

Market Update: 11 May 2020 It's indeed interesting when a report of 20million people unemployed equates to a stock rally of >2% including today, but here we are. The rationale... » Read more

Rockin’ Robin

Market Update: 8 May 2020 When US-China relations look strained, the markets get concerned - but any sign of hope sees a bounce as we saw overnight as talks over... » Read more

War – what is it good for?

Market Update: 7 May 2020 As US Mike Pompeo continues the tirade against China's handling of COVID-19, China retorts that now is not the time for investigating. So is this... » Read more