Market News

A slip-up

Market Update: 6 May 2020 Oil has continued its rally with a nod of approval from Trump as markets move towards an expected increase in demand earlier than later as... » Read more

It’s all about the base(line)

Market Update: 5 May 2020 As markets are up on some more US stimulus including buying into ETFs, there again is a measure of optimism transpiring into AUD back above... » Read more

How long can it last?

Market Update: 4 May 2020 This kind of question can be applied to multiple issues at present.. COVID-19, Isolation, market fall, market rally, market correction from the rally... Again, the catalyst... » Read more

Sell in May, go away…

Market Update: 1 May 2020 That adage is certainly working thus far as corrections in AUDUSD and its crosses alongside S&P fell. Initially, this was predicated on poor European data but... » Read more

Cash is King – as a reserve

Market Update: 30 April 2020 There's a continuation of amazing market moves reflecting positivity despite poor data, poor sentiment and Central Bankers telling us this is a medium to longer-term... » Read more

The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades

Market Update: 29 April 2020 As Scott Morrison tells us the easing of lockdown restrictions are “not too far away”, we look at what that means for AUD and general... » Read more

Provision for the past or future?

Market Update: 28 April 2020 As Westpac follows NAB today in taking a $2.2Bln impairment charge, ASX takes a dip by 0.75% despite S&P +1.5% overnight.  Should this be the... » Read more

The tendency higher

Market Update: 27 April 2020 Things are chugging along in way of COVID cases falling across the globe – we’ve got this isolation thing sorted and the markets are rewarding... » Read more

How much is enough?

Market Update: 24 April 2020 The European Flash PMIs came out worse than anticipated and the EU Summit didn’t agree on mutual debt financing so EUR came under pressure last... » Read more

The tail wagging the dog

Market Update: 23 April 2020 Correlations are useful but not always predictable. AUD can tend to have a high correlation to S&P in good times, yet missed the bus through Q4... » Read more