Financial Market Risk Management

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Financial Market Risk Management

Rochford’s expert advice and leadership are invaluable in achieving a robust risk management strategy. We use decades of experience to implement a strong methodology across Foreign Exchange, Commodity Prices, and Interest Rates.

Our Strategy:

We first work with clients to ensure that all material risks are identified and measured accurately, applying financial modelling techniques across risk classes to forecast cash-flows both with and without hedging.

We can then make informed decisions about your risk management strategy and apply it within a broader strategic commercial context.

Whether you are seeking to:

  • understand the extent that various internal exposures offset one another,
  • stress test how a policy performs in various macro-economic environments,
  • asses how to manage long dated exposures,
  • optimise annual budget rates,
  • or present a business case to drive change in your organisation,

Rochford employs techniques that present risk on unhedged exposures, while subsequently highlighting the impact (or potential lack thereof) of existing or prospective hedging policies.

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