Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange risk can manifest itself in various guises with disparate transactional, translational, and economic impacts on a business.

Rochford specializes in helping its clients achieve a comprehensive understanding of their risks and then equipping them with the policies, processes, and systems for effective management.

Often risk and cost-efficient internal hedges are available before a derivative solution should be considered; Rochford’s detachment from transactional providers leaves us uniquely positioned to provide balanced and practical advice to effectively manage financial and market risks.

Rochford works with a broad cross-section of Australasian corporates and has many years extensive experience in structuring and negotiating hedging solutions with the full range of financial institutions.

“since engaging Rochford, we have changed the way we view foreign exchange risk and even the way we conduct our underlying business; the result has been a more dynamic and efficient company, accompanied by a significant improvement in cash flow visibility”


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