Persistence of memory

Market Update: 29 June 2020 Persistence of memory The "recent" past is coming back and certainly reminding us that this pandemic is not over, nor eradicated. In what was certainly a... » Read more

A central case for happiness

Market Update: 24 June 2020 As European PMIs including UK came out better than expected and Germany has relaxed its warnings on ECB stimulus, markets continued on its positive tone.... » Read more

Home to roost

Market Update: 22 June 2020 Alike looking at charts with different starting points to reflect your bias, the aesthetic of COVID cases globally can also play to a bias. The... » Read more

I need a dollar

Market Update: 19 June 2020 This week was a bit quieter in ways where the AUD took a breather, tested higher, tested lower and invariably landed where it started. We've... » Read more

Get EoFY ready: Hedge accounting implications due to COVID19

June 30 is fast approaching, and we know there’s a lot to stay on top of at this time of year. Dealing with the level of changes and uncertainty... » Read more

Rising of the 2nd wave

Market Update: 15 June 2020 Time for a breather, some consolidation and to take stock... or in this case, sell some. Markets have talked about a potential 2nd wave of... » Read more

LIBOR REFORM – Top 3 Hedge Accounting Considerations

In 2017, regulators and industry groups recommended a transition away from the use of IBORs to Risk-Free-Rates (RFRs). Since then, there have been far more questions asked than available answers... » Read more

Well Fed

Market Update: 11 June 2020 As the Fed met overnight and committed to the lower for longer mantra as we anticipated, the "dot plot" - where voting members plot their... » Read more

Workin’ for the man

Market Update: 9 June 2020 As Non-Farm Payrolls sets the scene for June with an actual GAIN of 2.5m jobs and Unemployment fell to 13.3% from 14.7%, it was no... » Read more

Pause for effect

Market Update: 5 June 2020 After a strong rally in AUD and stocks, the past 2 days is a reminder it doesn't simply go in one direction. Coming so close to... » Read more