Somehow the vital connection is made

Market Update: 28 August 2020 It's pretty fair to say that despite improvements in European data over the week, the markets were pretty much in autopilot until Jackson Hole last... » Read more

The art of deals or no deals

Market Update: 24 August 2020 Besides Trump finally striking a deal for a 25Bln support package for US Postal Services - to allow for Postal Votes which in a way,... » Read more


Market Update: 21 August 2020 The markets have gone full circle this week dominated by the US.... the Fed Minutes disappointed with no intervention in the longer dated bonds and... » Read more


Market Update: 17 August 2020 As we near elections in the US, the markets start considering a world with a Democratic win - given Betfair has Biden at $1.70 vs... » Read more

007 days

Market Update: 14 August 2020 I've been on the phone to Bloomberg a few times now because everyday at 10 am for the past week, AUD is priced at 0.7150....... » Read more

Private Equity Investing: The fallacy of mean reversion in FX markets

A common misconception is that currencies are mean-reverting and, therefore, hedging is a poorly-allocated cost. The problem is: most of the time, we either don’t have time to wait for... » Read more

AFAMA depreciation

Market Update: 10 August 2020 If you were to Google this (or begrudgingly on Microsoft's Bing) on your Apple phone, or ask someone on Facebook or even search for a... » Read more

We can work it out

Market Update: 7 August 2020 As markets get excited by US initial jobless claims and Trump's positive tweets about jobs (not his campaigns' as they've been banned), tonight's Non-Farm Payrolls... » Read more

Optimism of the ISM

Market Update: 4 August 2020 As ISM in the US comes out far better than expected at 54.2, US stocks continue to make new highs. The correlation for AUD to... » Read more

Don’t you, forget about me

Market Update: 31 July 2020 Apple, Amazon, Alphabet all beat expectations - enough to get Nasdaq excited with a 0.4% rally after being down and reversed S&P falls - it... » Read more

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