Rising of the 2nd wave

Market Update: 15 June 2020 Time for a breather, some consolidation and to take stock... or in this case, sell some. Markets have talked about a potential 2nd wave of... » Read more

LIBOR Reform | Financial Reporting Considerations

The deadline for transitioning from the UK IBOR rate (LIBOR) to Risk-Free-Rates (RFRs) is fast approaching, with the process due to complete at the end of 2021 and no... » Read more

Optimising Treasury Functions: SYSTEMS – Ensuring the system is being fitted to a process is key

Systems should empower people to effectively perform clearly defined processes, which means that time spent innovating and making valuable strategic decisions is maximised. Common Shortfalls Expensive, committed technology licensesHighly fragmented system... » Read more

Well Fed

Market Update: 11 June 2020 As the Fed met overnight and committed to the lower for longer mantra as we anticipated, the "dot plot" - where voting members plot their... » Read more

Workin’ for the man

Market Update: 9 June 2020 As Non-Farm Payrolls sets the scene for June with an actual GAIN of 2.5m jobs and Unemployment fell to 13.3% from 14.7%, it was no... » Read more

Pause for effect

Market Update: 5 June 2020 After a strong rally in AUD and stocks, the past 2 days is a reminder it doesn't simply go in one direction. Coming so close to... » Read more

Bulls on Parade

Market Update: 2 June 2020 In a combination of Global Equities continuing their rally, so has the AUD, EUR, NZD, GBP, JPY... Gold, Oil, US 10yrs .. all pretty much... » Read more

Top 3 Hedge Accounting impacts from COVID-19

Not since the global financial crisis (GFC) have we seen this level of disruption to the economy and volatility in financial markets. Hedge accounting programs are directly impacted in several... » Read more

Something’s Gotta Give

Market Update: 28 May 2020 Friends, we are at an inflection point.. AUD, DXY, JPY, CHF all want direction. AUD is just short of the 200 DMA (Day Moving Average),... » Read more

Optimising Treasury Functions: POLICIES – Ensure practicality before requiring compliance

Policies should govern the roles and responsibilities of an organisation’s people and processes, which means expectations for risk mitigation are prescriptive, appropriate and consistently meaningful. Common Shortfalls No policy existsAged policy... » Read more

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