Blink and you’ll miss it

Market Update: 8 April 2020 A rally by 4% in S&P overnight was whittled away to zero come the close. These days it’s hard to put a finger on a... » Read more

Happiness is for the introverts

Market Update: 7 April 2020 As US stocks continue yesterday’s rally up a further 4% to 7%, the assessment might be of euphoria as we look to see a (tentative)... » Read more

Doctorin’ the Tardis

Market Update: 6 April 2020 We have been in a Tardis of late, seeing into the future of a COVID world as countries before us experience cases, reactions of shutdowns, deaths and... » Read more

It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to manage expectations

Market Update: 3 April 2020 US Initial jobless claims reflected that mantra overnight with a whopping 6.6m claims (vs a survey of 3.7m) – double that of the prior week, the markets... » Read more

Reality Bites

Market Update: 2 April 2020 As euphoria makes way for stone cold truths (and in NSW a 90day lockdown), Global equities fall as Trump tells the American people COVID-19 may last at... » Read more

Good shock and awe

Market Update 31 March 2020 As the Australian Government announce ways for businesses to go ‘into hibernation’, their package to support workers appeased the ASX immensely but didn’t translate into... » Read more

The Weekends Seem Worse

Market Update: 30 March 2020 The upside of the weekend is that markets are not trading. The downside is, despite improvements on equities and AUD made during the week, the... » Read more

Central Bank make further cuts and introduce forms of QE

Weekly Market Update: 23 March 2020 As COVID-19 continues to both infect more and create havoc in markets, we continue to find new lows in AUD. The past week saw... » Read more

Top 6 opportunities to implement a Hedge Accounting program

At what point should a business implement a hedge accounting program? Here are six of the most common opportunities: 1. Upcoming M&A A major deal could trigger the need for hedge... » Read more

Independence: Navigating the murky waters between Audit & Non-Audit services

With financial year-ends approaching, company directors will soon be presenting annual reports of the company they manage on behalf of their shareholders. Many readers of financial statements go straight... » Read more

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