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As a Private Equity firm, you are expert at buying and selling businesses, but when a potential transaction arises you need an expert advisor who understands the financial risks, specifically related to foreign currencies and interest rates.

Rochford is well positioned to be your advocate and ensure you have an objective view of the entire transaction, as well as pricing. We can analyse the potential risks to your business, offer alternative hedging solutions, manage counter-party negotiations, and execute the transaction on your behalf.

Contact our team to discuss your impending sale or purchase and learn how we ensure you get the best outcome.

Case Study

An AUD denominated fund was selling a New Zealand based portfolio company and the sale required government approval. The transaction value was approximately NZD500m with debt in multiple currencies and associated interest rate swaps.

The private equity firm was very concerned about the foreign exchange risk between commercial terms of the sale being agreed and the final closing of the deal, which was contingent on government approval.

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