Following the COVID pandemic, retail owners were forced to innovate for a new contact-free world, making the retail industry even more competitive and leaving businesses that couldn’t keep up close their doors for good.

Now with the rollout of vaccinations, the industry is well-positioned to make a comeback. Retail and e-Commerce experts need to stay ahead of the competition through supply chain optimisation and brand reinforcement. Staying up to date on the latest industry news as well as how the pandemic is evolving is only part of what retail experts need to know.

Our industry experts are experienced in handling these unique challenges. We have a comprehensive understanding of the currency risk impacting your business performance and our proactive foreign exchange risk management process offers our clients a direct and undiluted contribution to EBITDA.

Contact our team to discuss your retail or e-commerce strategy to ensure that your plans stay resilient and responsive to industry trends.

Case Study

A retail goods importer, operating on high volume – low margin, was aware of the profitability impact from relatively small foreign exchange market fluctuations, but lacked the headcount, tools, and systems to ensure proactive oversight and hedging policy compliance.

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