Rochford Leveraged Long AUD Fund

The Investment Objective of the Fund is to provide unit holders with a geared exposure to a depreciation in the US Dollar relative to the Australian Dollar

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The Fund aims to achieve this objective by selling USD against the AUD via foreign exchange spot and over the counter (OTC) derivatives products to provide unitholders with up to 3 times leveraged exposure to movements in the AUD/USD exchange rate over the period that investors hold units in the Fund.


Geared Exposure to rising AUD

Potential to make magnified gains from a rising AUD against the USD.

Easy Access

Apply for units in the fund with daily unit pricing and daily redemptions.

Potential Diversification Benefits

Investing in a Currency Portfolio can diversify your portfolio as currencies generally have low correlation to major asset classes.

Why Invest In The Fund

  • Protect US denominated asset valuations against a rising AUD
  • Simple Implementation
  • Effective use of Portfolio Capital
  • Leveraged exposure to AUD/USD
  • Beta exposure to AUD/USD
  • Potential Alpha from Cash return
  • Daily priced, daily liquid


As the Fund is geared, there is potential for magnified losses if the USD appreciates against the AUD. All investments carry risk of loss of capital.

Key Features

Investment Manager
Rochford Capital Pty Ltd

Investor Type
Wholesale clients only

Management Fee
0.50% plus 20% of Net Cash Margin

Buy/Sell Spread

Fund Type
Wholesale, Registered

Pricing & Liquidity

Applications & Redemptions