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Webinar On-Demand: Optimise Your Finance Function

Listen to experts from Rochford, Reval and Grant Thornton, who discuss: Market Updates / Return of volatility in 2017 How to attain more accurate cash flow forecasting Case studies -... » Read more

With increased volatility on the way in 2017…

Be prepared, or be prepared to fail! The return of volatility in 2017 is now a key issue for treasurers and boards across the globe. With the exception of Brexit... » Read more

TMS Implementations: 5 Steps to ensure success…

Advancements in technology have certainly changed the landscape across the majority of business functions and the treasury function is no exception. This post is not about discussing the benefits... » Read more

Empowering Strategic Decision Making through Financial Risk Modelling

While it is common for businesses to maintain regular cash flow forecasting procedures, the natural extension of applying risk analytics in a comprehensive, consistent format is an often under... » Read more

Hedge Accounting – when to start?

At Rochford, we recognise that building strong relationships is key to long-term success. We regularly meet with decision makers in the treasury industry to understand the challenges facing their... » Read more

Independence – Navigating the murky waters between Audit & Non-Audit services…

With financial year-ends approaching, company directors will soon be presenting annual reports of the company they manage on behalf of their shareholders. Many readers of financial statements go straight... » Read more

Central Bank Credibility on the Line

It is becoming increasingly clear to professional market analysts, if not the general public… yet, that the major central banks around the world are at the limits of the... » Read more

Private Equity – unlocking value in treasury and risk management

Post-acquisition by private equity (PE) most enterprises go through a review and streamlining process of their operating model.  PE will often appoint a management consultancy firm such as McKinnsey... » Read more

Hedge Accounting under IFRS 9: Top 5 questions CFO’s/Treasurers should be considering…

An important aspect of the role of Treasurer and/or the CFO is to stay abreast of changes and updates made by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB).  The IASB... » Read more