Thought Leadership

AFS Breach Reporting Reforms – Are you ready?

As of 1 October 2021, AFS licensees need to brace themselves, and be ready for, the introduction of the new breach reporting framework and the risks it poses to... » Read more

Satisfying hedge accounting compliance is 9/10th of the law for TOFA

Retirees and hedge accounting have probably never been mentioned in the same sentence before so sit back and strap yourself in, you are about to read something more original... » Read more

New capital requirements for Investment Firms: a 7-minute overview

If you are still worn out from implementing MiFID II and figuring out whether your firm would be subject to daily margins in FX derivatives, you are not alone.... » Read more

Currency Overlay: Why it’s important for managing currency risk

International investments have created vast opportunities and can be a great way of diversifying. However, there are additional risks attached, and if not managed purposefully, international investments can eliminate... » Read more

Managing Risk: IDENTIFY – Is it holistic?

Identification of risk should capture all risks faced by Treasury, which means market, economic and operational risks are managed in a holistic, integrated framework. Common Shortfalls High percentage of Sales or... » Read more

Managing Risk: MEASURE – Is it meaningful?

Measurement of risk should quantify the impact of identified risks, which means risk management decisions are performed in line with the business’ risk appetite and commercial objectives. Common Shortfalls Failure to... » Read more

Managing Risk: MANAGE – Are you properly equipped to be effective?

Management of risk should protect and enhance earnings, which means it is the most direct source of potential value creation in Treasury. Common Shortfalls Lack of experience or skill setsLack of... » Read more

Managing Risk: MONITOR – Do you have visibility and governance?

Monitoring of risk should maintain proactive oversight, which means stakeholders are rapidly alerted to developing risks and empowered to execute risk management actions. Common Shortfalls Lack of timeLack of skillset or... » Read more

Get EoFY ready: Hedge accounting implications due to COVID19

June 30 is fast approaching, and we know there’s a lot to stay on top of at this time of year. Dealing with the level of changes and uncertainty... » Read more

Optimising Treasury Functions: PEOPLE – Stakeholder Alignment

People should be empowered to innovate and perform critical decision making, which means they are driving long-term strategies that maximise enterprise value. Common Shortfalls Excessive key-man riskLack of financial market risk... » Read more

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