Market News

Optimism of the ISM

Market Update: 4 August 2020 As ISM in the US comes out far better than expected at 54.2, US stocks continue to make new highs. The correlation for AUD to... » Read more

Don’t you, forget about me

Market Update: 31 July 2020 Apple, Amazon, Alphabet all beat expectations - enough to get Nasdaq excited with a 0.4% rally after being down and reversed S&P falls - it... » Read more

You have the power to know, you’re indestructible

Market Update: 28 July 2020 As Gold moves higher, you have to question why and how? Is it a simple old-fashioned stop-loss target practice or is it telling us something?... » Read more

It’s just not cricket…

Market Update: 23 July 2020 When you get everything you want, it should be a positive.. EU finally agreed upon a stimulus package, China talked about unveiling a fiscal package... » Read more

A little less conversation, a little more action

Market Update: 20 July 2020 Oh dear friends in the EU, it's these stumbles that remind the UK they did the right thing... As EU goes into its 3rd day... » Read more

Time to pay the rent

Market Update: 17 July 2020 As AUD fumbles back at 0.6985, it's evident there's growing concern with international influences that hold back a rally. Some might have the luxury of sleeping,... » Read more

Back to life, back to reality

Market Update: 14 July 2020 As Victoria is back in isolation and NSW looks to be treading a fine line with some reimposed restrictions on pubs and clubs, the Stock... » Read more

Data interdependence

Market Update: 6 July 2020 As the US celebrates a long weekend after US Payrolls gave markets a strong boost, the continued struggle between price action and COVID cases continues. Globally,... » Read more

Persistence of memory

Market Update: 29 June 2020 Persistence of memory The "recent" past is coming back and certainly reminding us that this pandemic is not over, nor eradicated. In what was certainly a... » Read more

A central case for happiness

Market Update: 24 June 2020 As European PMIs including UK came out better than expected and Germany has relaxed its warnings on ECB stimulus, markets continued on its positive tone.... » Read more