Cash & Liquidity Management

Prioritise cash flow forecasting to identify risks now and ensure a strong financial future

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Cash flow forecasting is the driving force behind successful and effective liquidity risk management; yet, it is often an overlooked and undervalued priority in practice.

Now more than ever, with increased volatility and uncertainty in the economy, companies need to prioritise forecasting to ensure data is reliable and performance metrics are being met.

Without an effective cash flow forecasting process, companies can be exposed to:

  • Liquidity and working capital shocks
  • Inappropriate or detrimental amounts of hedging
  • Stagnant cash in global operations
  • Needless dependency on expensive credit facilities
  • Excessive earning exposure to financial markets
  • Inaccurate data
  • High key-man risk and low operational scalability
  • Inconsistent management expectations


The Rochford team is expert at identifying risks and opportunities in short-term to long-term forecasting.

We offer a full suite of cash management solutions to suit your business needs including:

  • Cash Balance Reporting
  • Operational Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Global Cash Management
  • CAPEX/M&A: Investment Planning
  • Group Liquidity Management
  • Financial Market Risk Management


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With our trusted and highly-experienced team taking care of your global operating cash flow, we ensure you’re better prepared for future liquidity challenges.

Our tailored cash and liquidity solutions support you to:

  • Enhance cash use and create consistent operational cadence
  • Improve accuracy of cash flow forecasts
  • Standardise data sources and improve visibility
  • Improve global stakeholder alignment
  • Enforce policy governance
  • Reduce liquidity risk exposure
  • Improve decision-making for a variety of risk and investment scenarios