The daily operations of running an agriculture business come second nature to you, but when uncertainty around supply chains affecting your cashflow arise, you need a dedicated team who is prepared to protect and grow your farm for generations to come.

Don’t let the volatile and competitive market of farm production slow you down, or worse, prevent you from thinking about strategic growth for the future. Our advisors at Rochford are on call to advise you on key event risk, sentiment changes and key levels of the market so that you can sleep soundly.

We are trusted to analyse the macro view of markets everywhere and give you actionable steps to protect you from financial risks. Simply put, protecting your business is our business.

For more information, contact our team to discuss your plans for protecting and scaling your agriculture business.

Case Study

An Australian wine business with significant export sales to the UK (denominated in GBP) had found it challenging to forecast and manage FX risk, and therefore adopted an FX risk management approach of hedging as little as possible.

The shock Brexit vote in 2016 devalued GBP significantly and had a resulting impact on AUD equivalent revenues. As a result, the business reactively shifted its FX risk management approach to hedge as much as possible and for as long as possible.

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