Pharmaceutical – Case Study

A pharmaceuticals distributor, recently acquired by private equity, was aware their systems were insufficient to provide visibility and process but could not decide with confidence whether a Treasury Management System was a viable investment.

Their main challenges were:

  • Cash balance reporting, cash flow forecasting, liquidity management and FX risk management were unachievable within the desired time frames.
  • Their processes lacked a consistent sourcing and calculation process to achieve key actionable insights.
  • A Treasury management system investment size and implementation timeframe would not produce enough return on investment, and they were unsure of alternative options.

Rochford advised and implemented the following strategies:

  • Isolated multiple workstreams for design and development within Excel that would have the highest value impact.
  • Implemented updated system processes across three continents.
  • Provided ongoing active management based on system outputs, from cash balance reporting through to M&A and Capex funding advice.

With our support:

  • The company now have a weekly Treasury reporting process and have reduced time spent compiling monthly Board reports by 85%.
  • They utilise our tools, processes and advice to enable proactive cash management previously unavailable, eg funding M&A transactions through multiple revenue currencies while minimising trapped cash and required draws on revolver credit facilities.