Market News

Not now, maybe later

Market Update: 22 April 2020 As we say goodbye to the May Oil futures, June isn’t looking so crash hot… falling to a low of $6.50 overnight to settle at... » Read more

Money for nothing and your oil for free

Market Update: 21 April 2020 As Oil continued its slide in the May contracts, touching a low of -$40.32, this is not necessarily a comment on where oil prices are... » Read more

The Oil slick on the journey to recovery

Market Update: 20 April 2020 As we see improvements in cases, not by just dropping, but as well a pickup in recoveries. Markets, whom tend to have a short attention... » Read more

Don’t worry about the rabbit in your hat, just put on a new one

Market Update: 17 April 2020 (inner dialogue) There’s some good news out… or at least it sounds good. It’s enough to see stocks move higher and get risk up as well. It’s... » Read more

Even a broken clock gets it right twice a day

Market Update: 16 April 2020 Sometimes it’s interesting to see commentators look for ways to fit the price action in markets. It can be a theme that’s driven them crazy... » Read more

There must be some kind of way outta here, said the joker to the thief…

Market Update: 15 April 2020 As exit strategies are pondered globally, spare a moment for a few facts: Japan cases doubled in the past week (albeit still from a small amount... » Read more

(Almost) 2 million reasons

Market Update: 14 April 2020 As we adhered to our civic duty, staying indoors over the Easter Break in the hope to get out sooner than later -  using Zoom to... » Read more

The overreaction matched by another?

Market Update: 9 April 2020 If I were to tell you I’ll take 1/3rd of your money but give you 1/2 back because your job is at risk whilst I... » Read more

Blink and you’ll miss it

Market Update: 8 April 2020 A rally by 4% in S&P overnight was whittled away to zero come the close. These days it’s hard to put a finger on a... » Read more

Happiness is for the introverts

Market Update: 7 April 2020 As US stocks continue yesterday’s rally up a further 4% to 7%, the assessment might be of euphoria as we look to see a (tentative)... » Read more