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The Divided States of America

Market Update: 5 November 2020 The pollsters once again seem to have missed the beat of the American populous, as the US Presidential Election remains undecided and voting has been

Begin Again

Market Update: 14 September 2020 Although we haven’t gotten anywhere with Brexit and the US election is a coin toss, the one glimmer of hope is the restart of the

007 days

Market Update: 14 August 2020 I’ve been on the phone to Bloomberg a few times now because everyday at 10 am for the past week, AUD is priced at 0.7150….

We can work it out

Market Update: 7 August 2020 As markets get excited by US initial jobless claims and Trump’s positive tweets about jobs (not his campaigns’ as they’ve been banned), tonight’s Non-Farm Payrolls

Home on the range

Market Update: 9 July 2020 As the weeks go by, we’ve seen S&P rally, fall, then rally again. It’s not necessarily directionless – it’s more reacting to the macro-fundamental themes