The Divided States of America

Market Update: 5 November 2020 The pollsters once again seem to have missed the beat of the American populous, as the US Presidential Election remains undecided and voting has been... » Read more

Begin Again

Market Update: 14 September 2020 Although we haven't gotten anywhere with Brexit and the US election is a coin toss, the one glimmer of hope is the restart of the... » Read more

The recession we didn’t have to have

Market Update: 4 September 2020 OK the news reporters love a good market rout to sell their story... it brings interest, revenue and can be given a follow-up story to... » Read more

Somehow the vital connection is made

Market Update: 28 August 2020 It's pretty fair to say that despite improvements in European data over the week, the markets were pretty much in autopilot until Jackson Hole last... » Read more

007 days

Market Update: 14 August 2020 I've been on the phone to Bloomberg a few times now because everyday at 10 am for the past week, AUD is priced at 0.7150....... » Read more

We can work it out

Market Update: 7 August 2020 As markets get excited by US initial jobless claims and Trump's positive tweets about jobs (not his campaigns' as they've been banned), tonight's Non-Farm Payrolls... » Read more

Home on the range

Market Update: 9 July 2020 As the weeks go by, we've seen S&P rally, fall, then rally again. It's not necessarily directionless - it's more reacting to the macro-fundamental themes... » Read more

The overreaction matched by another?

Market Update: 9 April 2020 If I were to tell you I’ll take 1/3rd of your money but give you 1/2 back because your job is at risk whilst I... » Read more